Registration and initial set-up

  1. The registration page for legal providers can be found by clicking on “Lawyers” from the menu bar.

2. You will be taken to the lawyers registration and login page shown below.

Note: You will only need to register once. The system currently provides one sign on for many lawyers from the same firm to provide quotes for different scenarios . If you wish to offer more than one quote for the same scenario then you will need more than one registration. Your registration details will then establish your login details for your subsequent use of the site. 

On this page you will also find:

  • A blue “Login” box for your subsequent use of the site following your initial registration.
  • Should you forget your password you are able to reset it at the login box. Your subsequent login will take you directly to your “Listings” page.
  • Information about your registration benefits with Ture.
  • Our Pricing Schedule at “View Pricing Schedule”.

3. Click on the Yellow REGISTER button on the left hand side under “Registration” to begin the legal provider registration process for the site. This will take you to the 3 step registration page as shown below:

Fill out the details listed:

  • Company Name – this will be the name of your firm.
  • Contact Name – this will be the main person managing the Ture account.
  • Email address – this will be for the main person or, the firm’s contact email for correspondence. It is recommended that the email address is not attached to a specific person in case that person leaves the Firm or is updated in such an event as this is the address that will receive important correspondence from the site such as invoices.
  • Password – choose the password, ensuring it is at least 8 characters long with at least one Capital letter, one number, and one special character (eg $, %,#).

3.1 Once you have entered your details you will then need to check the “I’m not a robot” box and the confirmation that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement before you can progress to the next step by clicking the NEXT button.


3.2 Please ensure you take the time to read, review and understand our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which you can access by clicking on the work links before progress with registration.  These will apply to use and browse the Website.

5 Digit Code

The next screen will ask you to provide the 5 digit code in the “Enter Code” space.  As shown below.

You will find your in an email sent to the address you have provided earlier being the main person or, the firm’s contact email for correspondence. An example of the email you will receive is shown below. (Note: the text in this email may differ from the one shown in this example).

Once you have entered the five-digit code you can then progress to the next stage of registration.  The system will show that your code has been confirmed as successful. Press the yellow NEXT button to proceed.


You will then be asked to fill in your address details of the legal firm you are wanting to register on the system. Press the yellow NEXT button and this will complete your initial registration.


Now you are ready to get started – set up your firm and lawyer profiles, list your quotes and activate them live on the site! You will find full instructions on how to do this in the confirmation email we send you. You can also find them in the HELP section once you have logged in.

CONTACT US if you want help with your set up – we are here for you!