About us

Julia Steenson - Founder

Kia ora!

Ture = Law

As founder of Ture, I originally saw a need for a better way to connect good lawyers with everyday Kiwis. Hence the mission of Ture - to connect New Zealanders with better access to, and knowledge of, legal services and the law.

This came about while I was a General Counsel (in-house lawyer).  I was asked on a regular basis by staff and friends for assistance with personal legal matters. My legal practicing certificate (issued by the NZ Law Society) only allowed me to act for my employer, this meant that I unfortunately couldn't help with their requests.

As a result, I was asked to recommend a lawyer for the legal services they required. They also expressed to me a lack of confidence to directly approach lawyers themselves for several different reasons. The main concern emerging to be the unknown costs.

This became my obsessive concern - to provide a better way for everyday people to have easy access to and knowledge of legal services.  On the flip side, I also understand the pressure legal practitioners are put under to find new clients and grow their firms.  The digital revolution posed an obvious place to provide a “win, win” solution.  Hence, the concept for Ture was born.

Ture - as a digital marketplace is essentially a connecting service.  This means legal practitioners can enjoy the vast benefits of a significantly reduced time investment (of hours and hours of dreaded networking/sales time), and a risk free way to grow their practice.  Growth gives the freedom to be in a position to employ more staff and go on holidays, meaning  more free time with loved ones.  That's got to be a good thing!

To assist Ture’s mission, the NZFreeLaw podcast was created to provide free legal information in a way that was easy to disseminate to large audiences.  You can listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, iHeart and many other places, so get listening :)

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Sharon Ainsworth - Founder

Kia ora!

I have worked across  many industries in my working career, from large corporates to retail to local government, the majority within the IT project management space. 

The one common theme running through all of my roles has been my passion for helping people. Whether it's delivering tools that enable people to  do their jobs easier, find information quicker or  simply being a supportive voice at the end of the phone when someone has had a bad day.

I also happen to be a bit of a details person so I'm here to ensure all the important stuff that makes for a great customer experience is in place and working as it should. 

Eve Steenson - Founder

Kia ora!

Having spent most of my career in HR my focus has always been about people and relationships.  This is important in every industry and the legal industry is no exception.  I truely believe that Ture can help Kiwis to make life that bit easier, particularly with things that are already quite complex and time consuming.

Come join us to make life a bit easier and provide better access to legal services.


Kōkiri Accelerator!

We are proud to be a part of the 2020 cohort for Kōkiri - NZ start-up accelerator!